Purpose of the Business Association Arenapark & ​​Laapersveld

The aim of the Business Association Arenapark & ​​Laapersveld is to make the entrepreneurs strong together economically, to be able to profile themselves, whereby the OVAEL board at the service of the entrepreneurs can tackle the following:

  • Formalizing the Business Association AP&LV
  • Being able to organize central purchasing such as energy and circular purchasing
  • Organize events such as the obstacle run, network drinks etc.
  • Solving environmental issues, Infrastructure
  • Provide support for new legislation on sustainability
  • Mobility issues such as parking management, accessibility and transport
  • Technical projects such as camera security, parking management system, smart grid energy distribution distribution network
  • KVO – Park management and implementation of quick wins
  • Health and Lifestyle
  • Apply catering business
  • Appearance of the office park / business park such as landscaping
  • Communication and marketing such as website and media
  • Coordination, management and acquisition

At Arenapark and Laapersveld we strive for an independently organizing area where Park Management will ensure a “Clean, Whole and Safe” policy.