Arenapark & ​​Laapersveld OVAEL business association

Partly due to the connection that will be established between the Arenapark and the Laapersveld, companies and institutions of the adjacent Laapersveld Bedrijventerrein area are also being addressed. The relocation of the Sportpark station towards the Diependaalselaan N201, whereby a traverse will be realized and a tunnel near this station, will make the rail barrier between the two areas low. It is therefore important to unite the users, entrepreneurs and owners of both areas.

As of June 1, 2018, the User Coordinator at the Arenapark started to set up the Arenapark User Collective. Thanks to the support of the Stadsfonds Hilversum and the Municipality of Hilversum, the deed was executed at the notary for the Ondernemersvereniging Arenapark & ​​Laapersveld on 10 October.


To set up the Arenapark & ​​Laapersveld Business Association, five board members across the two Office Parks have agreed to take a seat on the OVAEL board. The members of the board are:

  • Wilbert van Baren, TIM Technical Recruitment Arenapark, Chairman
  • Arthur van der Schoor, TaxAccountancy Arenapark, Treasurer
  • Michael van der Tweel, Xebia Laapersveld, Board member
  • Vacant place
  • Vacant place

Coordinator OVAEL

There are many activities that need to be picked up. These activities include:

  • Setting up and maintaining the business association Acquisition and discussions with entrepreneurs is an important aspect in this
  • Accountability to the OVAEL board
  • Entering into consultations with the municipality of Hilversum and stakeholders for the development of the Master Plan
  • Coordinate with VOC, Real Estate Owners Collective, the real estate owners of the Arenapark for the joint plans to be realized
  • Developing plans for a safer, more sustainable and livable area
  • Requesting subsidies from Stadsfonds and government agencies such as the municipality of Hilversum and the province of Noord-Holland
  • Realizing the approved and developed plans according to the SMART principle
  • Checking the work performed
  • Realize communication via newsletters with the approval of the board
  • Maintain the website
  • Organize the General Members’ Meetings, networking drinks and other activities